composite training™

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Our Composite Training system is an antidote to the flooded, redundant, and often ineffective fitness culture which pervades this 21st century. It is a rebuke of assembly line workouts, stale big box gyms, and influx of gadget-focused regimens which prioritize calorie counting over true comprehensive health. Too often people find themselves sweating into an endless void, working inefficiently without goals or a system of accountability to ensure quantifiable incremental growth. And while other approaches to fitness like yoga or indoor cycling are certainly beneficial, they are ultimately limited by their narrow scope and homogeneity. 

Composite Training places its faith in the tried and true rudiments of physical fitness, not in the bells and whistles of contemporary fads and gimmicks. It is a back-to-basics approach which combines metabolic and strength regimens into one seamless system that simultaneously targets lean muscle growth while obliterating body fat. Unlike other comparable approaches, however, each of our Composite Training workouts is geared towards a series of 14 proprietary benchmarks that test for comprehensive fitness.

This approach is modeled after the training regimens used by professional athletes, and recognizes that what you weigh is but one of many indicators of comprehensive physical health. Shifting the focus away from the scale creates a more useful, performance-based metric out of our Benchmark Week, and forces each athlete to compete not with their peers, but with who they were the month prior. Ultimately, this creates an incredibly encouraging atmosphere in which our athletes push each other to PR each and every (uphill) step of the way.    


the workouts 

Our signature Composite Training regimen is comprised of three distinct workout modalities: Interval, Load, and Benchmark. These modes alternate on a weekly basis while never repeating the same daily protocol. This strategic weekly rotation removes the possibility of redundancy and plateau while providing the opportunity for workouts within the week to build from one session to the next.


Interval week

Interval Weeks change the body's composition by burning fat and trimming physiques from the outside-in. Our interval programming uses short bursts of work/rest intervals that push you to your VO2 threshold, causing permanent upgrades to your metabolic system, and allowing you to burn calories long after your workout is complete. By stressing the cardiovascular system, your heart and lungs will become a more efficient engine, reducing recovery times and increasing output levels.

FORMAT: HIIT, time-based alternating rounds of work/rest

PACE: high-intensity, anaerobic, TABATA, EMOM, "death by..." 

TOOLS: incline treadmill, battle ropes, plyo box, jumprope, etc. 

TARGET: metabolic focus on heart and lungs

RESULT: fat loss, cardiovascular efficiency, quicker recovery times


Load Week

Designed to build muscle mass from the inside-out, Load Weeks shift the focus to strength training protocols that stimulate the growth of the body's lean tissues. Load Week programming is tailored to each individual and oriented around increased repetitions and higher weight/resistance. Transforming the body's fat reserves into lean muscle will demand more of the body's metabolism, and result in a net increase in the average calories burned per day even while resting. These protocols create a more injury-averse physique, and allow for greater functional strength for athletes and non-athletes both.

FORMAT: self-paced circuit of higher resistance and/or repetitions

PACE: sustained, aerobic, AMRAP, ladder, pyramid 

TOOLS: dumbbells, barbells, weight sled, pull-up bar, sandbags, landmine, etc. 

TARGET: muscular and skeletal strength and stamina 

RESULT: lean muscle growth and increased endurance


Benchmark week

The scale is a useful yet imperfect tool to measure the efficacy of any workout regimen. But without any metric, hard work often disappears into a murky puddle of sweat. Our Benchmark Week returns at the end of each month both as a challenge and confirmation that you have grown fitter over the intervening weeks. Our proprietary, site-specific protocols target the gamut of physical fitness, from isometrics to distance running to weight training. Your only competition is the person you were one month prior, and your results are tracked digitally by our trainers and available to you online and on our app. We measure our improvement one PR at a time, and stress the power of incremental gain. 

FORMAT: monthly recurring series of 14 original, site-specific fitness metrics

PACE: varied—aerobic, anaerobic, isometric

TARGET: comprehensive, incremental growth  of body and psychology  

RESULT: sustained, mind/body transformation 


inverted two month cycle

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Our Composite Training regimen utilizes an inverted two month cycle. This means that over a two month period, you'll undertake a total of three Interval Weeks, three Load Weeks, and two Benchmark Weeks. Each month, however, will be skewed slightly more towards Interval or Load workouts, creating ample opportunities for cardiovascular growth one month and muscular/skeletal growth the next. This approach allots equal attention to strength, endurance, aerobic, and anaerobic protocols, and builds evenly across all systems of the body over the two month period without letting any month become predictable and repetitive. 


under the influence

As important as we believe physical transformation to be, our approach to fitness goes far beyond the body. As educators and consummate students of life, we see our workouts as a way to better understand who we are within the greater context of the world. Our workouts are informed by a wide range of influences, from bands and records, to books and far-flung locales on the map. We believe that any physical activity that aims merely to make you sweat has lost the greater point of being an active, curious, and increasingly more alive individual. 

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We talk often before and during our sessions about ideas like Albrecht Dürer's idea of man's imperfection, Dave Brubeck's explorative time signatures, Albert Camus' take on Sisyphus, Black Flag's raw approach to live performance, Samuel Becket's thoughts on "failing better," and Beethoven's 9th symphony, which he wrote while nearly completely deaf. We try, when at all possible, to stay mindful of the larger sea of culture in which we exist, and to see our efforts at Gate 14 as a curious exploration of our limits. We sell a deftly curated selection of books and records that reflect this larger curiosity, and which help distinguish our regimen from others interested in the pure vanity of their physique. Ours is a community interested in more than physical beauty, and our workouts are purposefully designed as opportunities to become more intimate with yourself, and how you fit in with the world around you.