resolution rate

Resolution Rate.png

January always seems to bring out the best of our intentions. But the follow-through can often be the hardest part. Our Resolution Rate is here to encourage new members past the threshold of wishful thinking and into the reality of a new and more resolute you. New members (and students with valid high school or college identification) can sign up now and receive their first month of unlimited sessions for half the regular price. You’ll not only gain access to our daily composite training sessions, but will join a thriving community of G14 peers who will see you through the toughest part of change: the start. By the end of your first month, you’re life will be structured with Composite Training as a foundation to your day, and that resolution to “get in shape” will become a way of life.

While our Resolution Rate is for new unlimited memberships only and is not applicable for current members, current members should check our Gate 15 (Day Challenge) and take advantage of a lottery for half-off their monthly dues.