Membership Options

There are many ways to get yourself into our 1,800 square foot facility. Our goal is now as it was when we started in the garage: to offer as many people the most effective and comprehensive workout regimen of their life. While we've grown from the days of sprinting out the threshold of our garage with 35-pound plates in hand past the confused gaze of gawking neighbors, we still maintain the spirit that we started with: these are no-bullshit workouts that replace gimmicks and slogans with protocols that work. That we've even gotten this far is a testament to our amazing G14 community who have each come to the realization that any gym is only as effective as the attitude of the people that use it. The key ingredient to our Composite Training is the effect of being surrounded by peers who have long since lost their interest in excuse-making and find pride in challenging themselves in ways most people only talk about.


The most cost- and health-effective way to join our Composite Training regimen is to sign-up for an unlimited monthly membership. To truly transform the composition of your body, we suggest that our G14s consistently attend no fewer than three sessions per week. This rate of attendance is demanding, but is the only way to truly make the changes you are after, and having the support of other G14s is constant reminder that you aren't alone in constantly wanting more. These packages make attending easy by offering up to 50% savings on Drop-In pricing and come with a slew of other benefits, including:

  • personalized digital tracking of Gate 14 Benchmarks

  • 10% discounts on all Gate 14 merchandise

  • access to our weekend Office Hours for one-on-one fitness consultation

  • a quarterly Gate 14 community plant-based potluck dinner

  • one-on-one diet and grocery consultation

First time Unlimited, Student Unlimited, and Active Adult unlimited members receive $50 off the first monthly payment!

drop-in passes

At the same time, we recognize that the constraints of modern life don't always allow for such a concerted pursuit. Some schedules only allow for one-off sessions, and some of our G14s use our Composite Training regimen as a companion piece to their own approach to fitness. Our drop-in options allow the flexibility you need to maintain your incremental growth with us while life may otherwise get in the way. 

try for free

Gate 14 started in the northern third of a simple three-car apartment garage with an open invite to any and all who happened to pass by or catch wind of the grueling work we were doing up and down that hill. While hard work was requisite, formal fees and monthly dues were not. We held then, as we do now, that money should never be an obstacle standing between someone and their healthier self. That's why we offer all prospective G14s one entire week of free sessions. We also offer one No Excuse Session per week on a pay-what-you-want basis. These sessions rotate every week between morning and night, and are open to any and all who are ready to swap excuses for true change.  

Corporate and team rates

While we are proud of our Gate 14 community and the unique atmosphere it fosters, we are always eager to introduce other private groups to our Composite Training regimen. Many of our afternoons are booked solid with local club athletes, high school teams, and businesses. The sessions are custom-tailored to each group, and foster both individual growth and group bonding. As born-and-bred South Bay residents, we are committed to our local community and are eager to change the way it approaches health and fitness. Call or email for our corporate and team rates.