Youth strength & conditioning summer camps

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Our stance is that you’re never too young to start your fitness journey. But it’s important to start that journey in a safe, effective, and encouraging environment.

Have a youth athlete eager to take the next step in their performance? A teenager who wants to start using the gym, but has no clue where to start? In need of a safe and effective introduction to total body fitness?

Each of our week-long strength and conditioning camps will give your young athlete the edge they need to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive youth sports culture. They will get hands-on instruction on how to safely and appropriately use bodyweight and resistance training methods and equipment, learn how to combine exercises into full-body workout protocols, and get an introduction to the physiological, psychological, and dietary practices of today’s elite athletes.

Each week will consist of five 3-hour sessions. Each session will include:

•thorough warm-up

•detailed equipment & exercise tutorials

•a signature hour-long Composite Training workout

•classroom-style discussion of approaches to fitness

•one-on-one fine-tuning of sport-specific mechanics

•lunch/snack break (light healthy snack will be provided, not full lunch)

Though each week-long camp will mirror the next, we encourage youth athletes to participate in multiple camps. They will see both their skills, fitness, and knowledge increase exponentially with each session. And, by week’s end, each athlete will be responsible for writing a workout of their own, incorporating all of the information they’ve covered throughout the week. They will leave our camp confident in their ability to use a gym, and wholly capable of creating workouts that will let them capitalize on the momentum we gain by week’s end.

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